Dakota Johnson Adds a Spider Web Spin to a Sheer Chainmail Dress

Dakota Johnson continued to commemorate her heroic role from Sony Pictures' Madame Web on the red carpet.

The actor attended the Los Angeles premiere of the new Marvel Comics-based picture dressed in a bejeweled version of the classic chainmail outfit.

 The handcrafted Gucci item has an interconnected web of encrusted gems that creates a floor-length gown with a plunging deep V neckline and a low back.

Johnson was only wearing a bodysuit that matched her skin tone beneath the provocative outfit.

To complete the stunning outfit, Johnson and her stylist, Kate Young, chose strappy black leather heeled sandals and a sparkling diamond choker cuff necklace.

At the premiere, costar Sydney Sweeney dressed similarly

donning a custom Oscar de la Renta gown with a sparkly web-like pattern splashed across the tight corset.

Johnson already paid tribute to Madame Web on the red carpet earlier this month, wearing the Cobweb Dress by Annie's Ibiza. 

The stunning combination included a translucent black gown and a matching veiled hood

both wrapped in a web-shaped pattern dripping with sparkling crystals

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