Colorado student arrested for murder, and Trump connects legal issues to Alexei Navalny's death: Morning Rundown 

This year will be one of the most difficult for democracy yet. 

Election deniers will tone down their allegations when they run again this year.  

Astronomers think they have found the universe's brightest object.  

This year, there will be more elections than ever.  

But do not call it a victory for democracy. 

In 2024, about half of the world's population — 4 billion people in 76 countries — will vote, the highest turnout in any year on record.  

Some of these polls, such as those recently held in Taiwan and Finland, will be largely regarded as fair; but, the so-called ballots in Russia, North Korea, and other places will be a complete fra 

Even many people outside the United States will be watching the debate between President Joe Biden and his expected opponent, former President Donald Trump.  

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