Chris Hemsworth is proud of his million-dollar fitness brand's 37,000 kids' lives impact.

Having trained since he was a teenager, Chris Hemsworth is renowned for having one of Hollywood's most beautiful physiques. 

Having long been interested in fitness, he understands that not everyone can afford the convenience of working with a personal trainer.

In 2019, he developed the fitness app "Centr" to try and make his supporters' lives a little easier.

The software, also known as Centrfit, has assisted a number of fitness enthusiasts in reaching their objectives. 

Thanks to its performance, Centr has amassed a $200 million valuation. In 2023, it made thousands of children happy.

Recently, Centr posted a video on their official Instagram account that summarized their 2023 and featured all of the seminars and events they had conducted. 

Hemsworth is ecstatic because they have amassed enough money with an average of 300 million active minutes to improve the lives of 37500 youngsters.

He demonstrated this by also posting Centr's video on his Instagram story. 

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