'Can't Trust Us Just Yet!' Stephen Jones Admits Truth to Cowboys' Frustrated Fans.

Rest assured, Dallas Cowboys fans, someone in the front office understands.

Amid promises of being "all in" from his father and team owner Jerry, Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones took a break from Senior Bowl prep

to address fan frustrations about the Pokes' 28th consecutive Super Bowl absence.

“We had three solid years of 12-5 and significant postseason disappointments," Stephen remarked.

"Until we have another tremendous year and postseason success, that will be there. 

They won't trust you unless you provide.

Over the past three years, Dallas has the second-best regular-season record at 36-15. 

Jones points out that they've only won one playoff game in that time, a 2022-23 Wild Card round win over a struggling Tampa Bay team.

Ironically, Dallas is wedged in the top three by Kansas City and San Francisco, the next Super Bowl participants. 

Dallas is the only team in the top seven without a conference title game, behind Buffalo, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Baltimore.

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