Bison return to forests across Europe as part of mass rewilding

Things are improving for the long-lost European bison. It previously dominated Europe's wide countryside, but had been hunted to extinction in the wild by 1919.

Thanks to 54 zoo animals and breeding efforts, the population has grown to 3000, but it is still rarer than the black rhino.

Rewilding programs are now reintroducing this beast into Europe's wilderness, along with other large grazers like semi-wild horses and cattle bred to resemble their extinct wild ancestors.

Four bison, the continent's largest land mammal, were released this month in the Maashorst nature reserve in the Netherlands,

with four more expected to arrive in the Veluwe region next month. Another 20-strong herd is scheduled to be released in Romania in May.

Another herd of twenty is scheduled to be released in Romania in the month of May.

A Dutch charity known as Rewilding Europe, which is responsible for many rewilding activities on the continent, has set a goal to develop at least five wild herds of one hundred bison by the year 2022,

and an overall wild population of one thousand bison by the year 2032. Over thirty different species of animals have been successfully restored into the Carpathian mountains in Romania thus far.

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