Biden sips water in Ohio and compliments the 'herculean' cleaning after train catastrophe 

President Joe Biden visits East Palestine, Ohio, to observe cleanup efforts after a train derailment released hazardous chemicals.

He praises the cleanup as "Herculean" and announces grants from the NIH to study the containment's effects.

Biden emphasizes commitment to completing the job and acknowledges it's not yet finished.

During his visit, Biden drinks tap water and coffee brewed with tap water to demonstrate confidence in cleanup efforts.

The EPA assures the safety of air, water, and soil before Biden's visit.

The derailment occurred on Feb. 3, 2023, involving a train carrying vinyl chloride, leading to evacuations and ongoing concerns about health and economic impacts.

Biden's delay in visiting East Palestine prompts criticism from Republicans, contrasting with Trump's visit shortly after the accident.

Trump's visit and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's subsequent visit highlight contrasting responses to the incident.

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