Beautiful and Brilliant Baby Names Beginning With 'B' 

Bella (not just for Twilight fans)

Beatrice/Beatrix (from Gaelic, meaning “bringer of joy”)

Betty (Boop or Draper, bombshells galore)

Beth (the wisest sister in Little Women , a true Oscar-winning baby name)

Bitsy (of Hebrew origin, meaning “pledged to God”

Brigit/Brigid/Brigitte (an Irish baby name meaning “the high one” or “strength” )

Brooke (Shields leaves some glam shoes to fill)

Bethany (a Biblical baby name from the Hebrew )

Bianca (some Taming of the Shrew or maybe 10 Things I Hate About You inspo?)

Beverley (Hills, Cleary, all kinds of human and geographical favorites!)

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