Beach Boys Co-Founder Brian Wilson's Family Seeks Conservatorship 

Brian Wilson's family has filed paperwork to establish a conservatorship for the 81-year-old Beach Boys co-founder. 

The petition, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, aims to appoint LeeAnn Hard and Jean Sievers as co-conservators. 

Wilson has been diagnosed with a "major neurocognitive disorder" and is receiving dementia medication, as stated in a doctor's declaration accompanying the petition. 

The request for conservatorship is due to Wilson's inability to adequately care for his personal needs, including health, food, clothing, and shelter. 

Longtime Wilson representatives, publicist Jean Sievers, and manager LeeAnn Hard are proposed as conservators due to their close relationship with Wilson and his late wife, Melinda Ledbetter. 

Melinda Ledbetter, credited with stabilizing Wilson's life, had been managing his daily needs before her recent passing on January 30. 

The filing highlights Wilson's trust in Sievers and Hard, emphasizing their familiarity with his personal affairs. 

The establishment of a conservatorship aims to ensure Wilson's well-being and proper management of his personal and medical decisions amidst his health condition. 

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