Battleground Wisconsin: Swing state mired in conflict over Somali refugee resettlement.

Wisconsin, a key battleground for the 2024 presidential election, is now embroiled in a refugee resettlement debate. 

Wisconsin officials have requested a meeting with Department of Homeland Security officials over the first group of Somali refugees to settle in the state's Eau Claire County. 

 Members of Congress have also expressed interest in the topic.

This week, state legislators are expected to adopt legislation mandating greater transparency in resettlement choices. 

 Federal law already requires federal officials to "consult regularly (at least quarterly) with state and local governments" before establishing refugees in a particular location.

The state law would expressly require consultation with "elected officials" who are accountable to the public, rather than merely appointed ones, as well as a public comment period. .

State Rep. Karen Hurd, a Republican, filed the bill, noting that the area is already burdened due to the closing of two hospitals and the impact on school systems.

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