Batman: Titans: Beast World concludes in both tragedy and victory.

The first major battle for the Titans came in the DC Comics storyline Titans: Beast World. It turned out to be a catastrophe that had the potential to extinguish all life on Earth. This incident was used by Amanda Waller to instill fear of superhumans in people. 

She gave Doctor Hate the order to transform Beast Boy into a stupid Starro. His spores did not transform humans into animal forms; rather, they transformed individuals into humanoids.

Prior to Waller issuing an order to eliminate any infected individuals, Nightwing devised a scheme to eliminate the spores once they have departed the human population.

Sadly, Beast Boy's spores contained his memories, and the Titans were unaware of this.

There wasn't enough of Garfield Logan left when they were collected up to form ideas. It left him a hollow shell. Thankfully, 

 Beast Boy's memory came back after receiving some mental stimulation from Detective Chimp. Not only had Beast Boy risen from the dead (Titans: Beast World No. 4), but he had also become his former self.

Following the unfortunate incident, Amanda Waller took advantage of the chance to disparage the Titans. She said to the globe that one could not trust a team that included monsters, demons, and aliens. 

Waller isn't expressing anything novel, but it matters where she gave this speech. She performs this in front of the Hall of Justice, announcing that it is now known as the Hall of Order and that heroes no longer call it home. 

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