Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and all of DC's solicitations for May 2024

May 2024 solicitations for DC Comics showcase exciting directions for their heroes.

"Boy Wonder" limited series by Juni Ba features Damian Wayne teaming up with other Robin iterations to solve Gotham mysteries.

"Outsiders #7" hints at a significant character death with a promise of a "requiem for a fallen friend." 

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold #13" offers various stories, including a notable team-up between Batman and Green Lantern Guy Gardner.

The month is filled with diverse releases beyond Batman-centric titles. 

The cover and art for "The Boy Wonder #1" are praised for their appeal and nostalgic nods to Batman: The Animated Series. 

"Catwoman's 'Nine Lives' arc" is reaching its conclusion, promising intriguing developments for Selina Kyle. 

"Detective Comics #1085" by Ram V leads to a climactic ending in #1089, with May's issue teasing significant changes in Gotham. 

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