Automobile manufacturer Ford Francis Coppola and others versus a 20-member Manteca citizens movement expansion proposal. 

The filmmaker of "Apocalypse Now" and "The Godfather," Francis Ford Coppola, owns a portion of Delicato Vineyards. 

The five-time Academy Award winner, at eighty-four, therefore has a stake in the success of Delicato's campaign to overturn the city's recently approved general plan amendment. 

Twenty Manteca residents and workers, including farmers, pensioners, immigrants, small business owners, and blue-collar and white-collar workers, first contributed to the idea. 

The General Plan Advisory Committee consisted of 20 individuals, including 15 regular members and 5 alternates. 

Coppola joined the eight-person board that oversaw Delicato Vineyards, which, according to property records, had a $120 million mortgage on the Manteca winery in 2020 that was ostensibly used to finance expansions and purchases. 

In 2021, Delicato Vineyards acquired the Francis Coppola Winery located in Sonoma County. 

As a condition of the agreement, Coppola obtained ownership of Delicato. He became a Delicato board member as well. 

Coppola has shown himself to be a cinematic filmmaker as well as a serious winemaker.About 1.1 million bottles of wine were produced by the Francis Ford Coppola winery in 2021. 

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