Apple Cider Cocktails To Drink All Autumn Long

Nothing beats going apple harvesting in the autumn and sipping on a cold glass or a warm cup of apple cider (or its sparkling version!).

 Well, not unless the apple cider is combined into a drink. We aren't simply talking about spiking it with whisky or bourbon. 

Instead, we're incorporating its cosiness into Moscow Mules, sangrias, and even margaritas. 

This fall, put down that pumpkin spice latte and back away! It's time for apples to shine, and they certainly do in these 30 rowdy apple cider drinks.

These apple cider drink recipes not only feature one of the season's best flavours, but they are also ideal for getting and keeping a party going.

Our apple cider spritz is a fall counterpart of the summery Aperol spritz (but we may start drinking it all year). 

 Furthermore, our harvest punch is not only ideal for a large audience, but it's also a great way to use up any extra apples after apple harvesting.

If you've never visited, we've got apple picking guidelines as well as recipes for all of the different apple varieties you bring home, so you're never far from freshly produced homemade apple cider. 

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