Angered, Travis Kelce throws helmet at Andy Reid during Raiders loss. 

The Kansas City Chiefs were defeated 20-14 by the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday afternoon, despite another lackluster performance from top player Travis Kelce. 

Kelce went on to record his fifth straight game without a touchdown reception, finishing with five catches for 44 yards.  

Following the game, the tight end's antics on the sidelines became a topic of conversation. 

In the first half, he was spotted losing his temper and throwing his helmet at the watercooler stand.  

Then, he was spotted getting into a small argument with head coach Andy Reid. Reid rebuffed a staff member's attempt to return Kelce's helmet. 

When their heated back-and-forth ended, the two seemed to give each other a friendly bump.Following the game, Reid was questioned about his encounters with Kelce. 

Yes, pay attention, he did a good job when he returned. Things happen as a result; emotional game. It all works out, although Trav's emotional and my red hair occasionally get to me," Reid remarked. 

He went on to say that he didn't believe a "frustration point" had been reached. 

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