Amy Schumer Clarifies Jennifer Aniston's Attendance At Her 2018 Wedding On 'The Tonight Show': "Not True" 

Amy Schumer is clarifying whether a specific celebrity attended her 2018 wedding. 

Schumer appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday (February 13), and presenter Jimmy Fallon inquired if she and her husband, Chris Fischer, have any Valentine's Day  

The Daily Mail. In response, Schumer said that last night was another milestone for her and Fischer.

"Today's our six-year anniversary," she added, eventually greeting him on camera and joked to Fallon, "I said I'm spending it with another man." 

However, she emphasised that they "had the most romantic-ever anniversary when [they] got married," as they married just one day before Valentine's Day. 

Schumer described it as "a special event," but added that there were "some false claims" about her big day. 

While she stressed that Aniston's attendance was only a rumour and "not true," she did reveal that her mother had a hypothesis about the misunderstanding. 

"She said, 'I know what happened,'" Schumer recalls. "She said, 'From behind, I look exactly like Jennifer Aniston.'"

Schumer joked, pointing out that her mother is 75 years old, "you can't be honest with your mum." 

"You just have to go, 'Yeah, that's probably right,'" she said. "You can't go like, 'Hey, you have two bad knees, and like, you know, you're not.'" 

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