Amy Schumer: Actress responds to criticism of her appearance 

Schumer spoke on US TV about season two of Life & Beth, which she writes, directs, and stars in. 

Her face was mocked, medical speculation was made, and encouraging comments were made. 

"I've enjoyed feedback and deliberation about my appearance," she told. 

The actress said on Instagram that "as all women do for almost 20 years" she's been noticed. 

I appreciate everyone's facial feedback! Yes, it's puffier than usual. I have endometriosis, an auto-immune illness every woman should know about. 

"There are some medical and hormonal things going on in my world right now but I'm okay." 

Women tweeted in support of Schumer's condition: "Endometriosis is serious. I looked like I injected filler into my face. 

I was unrecognizable. Inflammation and swelling covered my body. I hate Amy Schumer, but please stop demeaning women's bodies." 

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