Although sports betting commercials are slowing, the gambling business is still growing.

Even in Las Vegas, which has had its share of unusual marriages, the NFL and sports gambling are one of the most unlikely.

When 115 million people watch Super Bowl 58 on CBS Sunday, the partnership will be hard to miss with pictures of the Strip from above Allegiant Stadium and minimal desert terrain beyond Nevada's high casinos.

However, the Super Bowl's historic Sin City gambit and the massive reach of legalized sports gambling in 38 states and counting will not work together.

Two sports gambling ads were booked during the game broadcast on Thursday, two fewer than the NFL's loose maximum.

Do you dislike DraftKings' guitar riff or Kevin Hart's energy? After two years of in-game ads, they're moving to the pregame show.

What does it leave viewers for four hours of gaming action?

Two ancient Patriots: Tom Brady, returning from a low-key retirement to join BetMGM alongside Vince Vaughn. Rob Gronkowski is back, attempting a field goal for FanDuel.

For all the irony and righteous indignation, this Super Bowl symbolically completes the NFL's 180-degree turn on sports betting. However, the online sports betting industry, expected to reach $10 billion in revenue in 2024, no longer needs to maximize brand awareness.

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