Alisha Lehmann excels! Streets United win again in Baller League; Aston Villa great has 100% coaching record.

When he is not concentrating on home concerns in the WSL

Switzerland international Lehmann has teamed up with Lukas Podolski and Mats Hummel

both of whom won the World Cup, to participate in an exciting new indoor competition that is being held in Germany.

She is one of the notable coaches that have been chosen into the event, along with Podolski, who was a striker for Arsenal in the past.

Lehmann is currently employed at Streets United, and despite the fact that he has not always been present to take a seat in the dugout

he could not have asked for a more favorable opportunity to begin his career in management.

Among those who were observing from a distance

Lehmann was present when Streets United defeated Beton Berlin by a score of 2-0, making it two wins in a row for the team. 

The Swiss player, who is 25 years old and recently celebrated her birthday with her partner and fellow Villa star Douglas Luiz

was had to pay attention from the comfort of her own home while her Ballers prepared to take the field.

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