ALARMING! Harry is returning to UK after King Charles' cancer diagnosis; Meghan may not. 

A distinct matter of concern was identified three nights after King Charles, 75, underwent a corrective procedure for an enlarged prostate and spent the previous month in the hospital.

Charles, who has been advised by his physicians to minimize in-person interactions, will reportedly avoid public events following a cancer diagnosis,

according to reports. Buckingham Palace made the announcement on Monday.

According to royal specialists, the announcement represents a radical departure from the past, when monarchs' ailments were frequently concealed from the public.

"A separate matter of concern was identified during The King's recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement," the palace said in an email. 

A cancer type has been identified by subsequent diagnostic procedures.

Furthermore, the statement failed to provide information regarding the specific stage at which the malignancy was detected.

Buckingham Palace stated independently that Charles did not suffer from prostate cancer.

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