Again in three days, a stalker has been apprehended outside of Taylor Swift's New York City residence.

A Seattle man was detained for loitering outside Taylor Swift's Tribeca residence for the second time in three days on Monday. 

David Crowe, 33, was charged with two charges of harassment and stalking after being apprehended near the New York City skyscraper just after 6:15 p.m. Monday.

A member of Swift's security team observed Crowe outside the Franklin Street residence at 3 p.m. He appeared to be strolling outside but did not try to enter.

Security notified police, who discovered him harassing many individuals on the street nearby around three hours later and arrested him.

Swift does not appear to have been present at that time. According to airline records, she flew to New York City from Buffalo on Sunday night to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs before departing Monday for Nashville, Tennessee.

Crowe was also detained Saturday after police responded to a report of a "disorderly person" attempting to open the door to Swift's house. 

He was charged with failing to respond to a 2015 summons.

He is one of several repeat criminals who have frequented Swift's property over the years.

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