After winning album of the year, Killer Mike is escorted out of the Grammys in handcuffs. 

A reporter filmed the singer being dragged out of the stadium at 7.30 pm after he won the rap category. He won Best Rap Song, Performance, and Album for Scientists & Engineers and Michael.

Gardner said "Rapper Killer Mike has been taken away in handcuffs in [] arena after winning 3 #Grammys during telecast." The artist was led by two police officers while his team followed. A spectator shouted "Free Mike." as they walked.

Gardner stated that a Grammys official said the singer was detained for a misdemeanor from before today. A source remarked "It’s a big nothing" when an official told the rapper's crew he could be released that night.

Some admirers wondered how minor the infraction could be since police detained the artist at a public event. A user wrote: "Weird that they'd treat a public person like this over a misdemeanor, full perp walk and dressing down." Another asked: "Big nothing? Why arrest him now?!"

Another idea is that Killer Mike was detained for an altercation during tonight's awards event. According to TMZ, a law enforcement source said Killer Mike's Grammys incarceration was due to a fight with a security guard and they were investigating. The LAPD revealed the rapper's arrest reason.

"On Sunday, February 4th just after 4 pm a male adult was detained & handcuffed for a physical altercation that occurred at the 700 block of Chick Hearn Court," the police department said on X. The suspect was arrested and sent to LAPD Central Division.

"The suspect has been identified as 48-year-old Michael Render and booked for Misdemeanor Battery 243(A) PC, and is in the process of being released." The U.S. Sun contacted police about the event. Render's arrest follows his May 2023 comments about Young Thug's YSL lawsuit.

Killer Mike stated on Good Morning America that his hometown, Cleveland Avenue, southeast Atlanta, has been plagued by poverty for generations. He escaped the streets with rap songs and helped others change."

A longtime campaigner, the musician opposed using rap lyrics in court proceedings, like in the YSL case. He said, "Young Thug is a character invented by Jeffrey Williams... Jeffrey Williams is a dad. "He's a human being that's capable of love, care, and compassion." Fans and colleagues are expressing out after his Grammys detention. 

In an X post, artist Meek Mill suggested arresting killer Mike right after the Grammies, amid questions about award decision-making in the Gen Z age. Their timing to honor black men is incorrect!"  Fans are also upset about the time.

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