A new report reveals which gun shops sell the most weapons used in crime 

The federal government is intensifying scrutiny of gun stores linked to crime, doubling the number targeted in the past four years. 

The identities of stores selling the most crime guns have been kept secret for over two decades. 

A Freedom of Information Act request revealed some of the targeted outlets, including major sellers like Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. 

Less-known stores like Town Guns in Richmond, VA, and Ammo Bros in Ontario, CA, were also targeted. 

Gun stores associated with recent high-profile mass shootings were on the list, such as River City Firearms in Louisville and Bud’s Guns in Lexington. 

Bass Pro Shops in Denver, linked to a mass shooting in Aurora 12 years ago, was also listed. 

None of the mentioned stores or their corporate offices responded to requests for comment. 

1. The chief gun store lobby criticized the release of the list, accusing the Biden Administration of a "name and shame" campaign instead of targeting criminals.

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