A new Avengers team formed, Morbius returns, and much more, as Marvel adds nine more. Blood Hunt tie-ins

Marvel announces additional tie-ins for the Blood Hunt event, including two three-issue limited series and seven tie-in arcs to ongoing titles.

The event will encompass a total of two dozen comics, including main limited series, Free Comic Book Day one-shot, and one-shots.

"Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt" pits Spidey against Morbius, while "Wolverine: Blood Hunt" delves into a vampiric ordeal for Logan.

Seven ongoing series will tie into Blood Hunt in May and June, starting with "Vengeance of the Moon Knight #5" and "Amazing Spider-Man #49." 

"Avengers #14" introduces a new Avengers team led by Steve Rogers, with ties to Blood Hunt.

"Doctor Strange #15" and "Venom #33" continue their stories directly after Blood Hunt events.

"Fantastic Four #21" follows Reed Richards' quest for a cure for vampirism.

"Miles Morales: Spider-Man #21" sees Miles teaming up with Blade for a risky mission against vampires.

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