49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan Strongly Defends Brock Purdy, Super Bowl 'Choke'

Kyle Shanahan of the 49ers had a bad night by any standard.

Not only did the 49ers lose to the Chiefs in Super Bowl 58, by a score of 25-22 in overtime in Las Vegas

but a couple of narratives that have emerged will now cloud over the 49ers for at least another year.

One storyline holds that quarterback Brock Purdy is incapable of winning a Super Bowl.

The argument is that Shanahan isn't up to the task

having been a head coach or coordinator in three Super Bowls and losing all three despite having double-digit leads.

Shanahan was terse when asked about Purdy following the game.

"I thought Brock did a good job and gave us a chance to win," he told reporters. 

 Purdy completed 23 of 38 passes for 255 yards and one touchdown on the day.

"This is my second game as a head coach but I think when you go against guys like Tom Brady and Pat Mahomes, you better never feel comfortable with a lead," he remarked. 

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